About Us

Artizan Gluten Free is on a mission to provide premium flour mixes, for every need, for everyone. Not frozen, but fresh and healthy. Integrity, Quality, and Passion: these three words define us and lead us every day to provide the best products for you. Artizan Bakery is the place where everything started: we understood the necessity of a product that can help especially coeliac and gluten intolerant people. We came with the best solution, expanded our horizons and made it possible. We created a line that could sit in your pantry until needed and could simply be used for cakes and pastries that have an amazing taste. From plain flour mixes to rustic vegan mixes, you can find here some suitable packet mixes for your needs. You can start swapping out wheat flour for these healthy flour alternatives today! Many of us don’t know this aspect, but the word “flour” is reserved for flour that is made from wheat. Wheat flour definitely does contain gluten.
Even though flour most often is made from wheat, flour doesn’t have to be made from wheat. By definition, “flour” is simply a powdery substance made by grinding a starch. The starch is usually a grain, but not always. You can make flour from almonds, chestnuts, and even potatoes in addition to different types of grains. For example, people following a low-carb diet often use almond flour in place of grain-based flours. Fortunately, if you still want to enjoy and make baked goods that call for white flour, you have options. Our healthy flour alternatives contain maize, tapioca, rice, and other ingredients, making them excellent white flour substitutes. While these alternative flours are usually gluten-free, they’re not always safe on a gluten-free. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry, our flour mixes are 100% gluten-free!